How to Bet Against the Public in Online Sports Betting

There are many casual, mainly uninformed sports enthusiasts who place casual, uninformed wagers all around the world. Betting against the public is based on the assumption that these casual fans are frequently inaccurate.

Mr. Ong, the CEO of WS88, a Singapore-based online betting site, points out that betting against the public is an excellent sports betting strategy that, when executed properly, may significantly improve your bottom line.

Do you believe you know more about sports than the typical fan? Do you ever catch yourself noticing how the media exaggerates a result? Do you have a good sense of when the public’s perception is incorrect? You can find amazing opportunities to bet against public opinion at any online sports betting singapore site by checking for important indications.

What Is Betting Against the Public?

Betting against the crowd implies betting against what the majority of people believe will happen. This is often known as “fading” the public. People vote with their money, and the outcome that is most frequently supported is what the majority of the betting public believes will occur.

When the activity in a bet is especially one-sided, meaning that the vast majority of people are betting on one conclusion, you can bet on the opposing outcome.

Furthermore, betting against the crowd necessitates the capacity to recognize when the crowd is incorrect.

Key Terms

The term “fading” refers to betting against what the people believe will happen.
Casual bettors are referred to as “squares.”
Sharps are seasoned gamblers who profit from their wagers.
A bet, or the money placed on a bet, is referred to as “action.”
According to the odds, the “favorite” is the team or individual that has the best chance of winning.

According to the odds, the “underdog” is the team or player who is most likely to lose.

How Does It Work?

With the exception of ties, when you get your money back, every wager has two possible outcomes. The following are some examples of possible results:

Win or lose?
Is there going to be any overtime, yes or no?
Is there going to be a red card, yes or no?
Is it likely that there will be more than 48.5 points, yes or no?

This type of wager is offered in every game and in every sport. The public perception is represented by whichever side of the bet has the most action (that is, the most money put on it). If you believe public opinion is skewed, as it is statistically, you should wager on the opposite outcome.

Betting Against the Public on Point Spreads

One of the most efficient strategies to wager against the public is to bet on the point spread. The point spread is simply the number of points the bookmaker believes the favorite team will win by. It’s sometimes referred to as handicap betting.

This can be thought of as the number of points required to level a game. For instance, if the New England Patriots are favored by -7 points in a game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the market suggests that the Patriots will win by 7 points.

In this scenario, if you bet on the Patriots at odds of nearly 1:1, the team should win by at least 7 points in order to cover the spread and win on your bet.

If you agree with popular opinion on the outcome of a match but differ on the margin of victory, learning how to gamble on point spreads can be a terrific way to make money betting against the public. Because the Chiefs can lose by up to 6 points in this scenario, it’s a decent time to fade the public if you believe they’ll lose but cover the spread.

Another way to bet against the public is through Over/Unders and Moneyline Bets on  online sports betting singapore sites.


Betting against the public is one of the simplest yet most effective methods you can use in sports betting. But Mr. Ong warns that there’s a lot more to it than simply going against popular opinion. You must still conduct research on both teams in order to determine whether the other teams have a decent chance of winning the game. Until then, keep studying until you familiarize all types and strategies for betting against the public.

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