How To Bet On Copa America 2021

The Copa America 2021, the main competition for teams in South America, will start! Played since 1916, it is the oldest competition between national teams in the world.

Copa America 2021: What To Expect From The Current Edition?

After Argentina and Colombia gave up on hosting the Copa America 2021, Brazil exercised its will to compete in its territory. The Hermanos gave up hosting the tournament because of COVID-19, which still takes over the country. Colombia is going through a political crisis, in addition to the whole situation involving the pandemic. Search for betfair online bookie

Brazil, in turn, showed interest and signed an agreement with Conmebol to host the Copa America 2021, despite the wave of coronaviruses that hit the country. There are two groups, being A and B. The first are Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In the second, there are Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru.

Security Protocols For The Copa America 2021!

It was announced that Copa America 2021 would have 100% of its employees, referees, technical committee, and players vaccinated against COVID-19. It is the only institution that has managed a batch to immunize everyone involved.

In addition to the vaccines, measures to distance themselves and limit the space for the press will be adopted. Another measure is the games without the presence of the public, as determined by the current health protocol.

Copa America 2021: About Brazil And The Stadiums!

Copa America 2021 was chosen amidst controversies, and it ended up taking place in Brazil. In addition, four cities were chosen to host the games between the teams that compete in the competition. Maracanã will be the stage for the grand finale.

How To Bet On Copa America 2021?

To bet on the Copa America 2021, the first step is legal age and register at a bookmaker. We have a superb ranking, where you can check the best companies in the segment and choose the one you like the most. Once that’s done, all you have to do is have a balance, and then you can generally bet on all the competitions and modalities you want. Let’s go to some tips dedicated exclusively to Copa America. Check csgokingdom

First, let’s get to the numbers. In the last edition, there were 60 goals in 26 games in Brazil, an average of 2.31 per match. Before, in 2016, in the United States, 91 goals in 32 games, an average of 2.84 per game. In 2015, in Chile, 59 goals in 26 games, an average of 2.27 per game.

Based on this, a good betting option is on the market above 1.5 goals per match. Taking the last edition as an example, this option hit 18 out of 26 games, an average of 69.23%. Also, it’s always important to keep an eye on your favorite teams when they don’t face each other, betting that they will win.

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